Best for Geneva is a program that brings together all Geneva businesses wishing to bring more value to their jobs, strengthen the diverse Geneva communities, and preserve a healthier environment.

This program represents a historic opportunity to harness the power of business to address our region's greatest challenges.

We are proud to launch Best for Geneva to make it easier for all businesses to enhance their positive impact. We envision that one day all companies in Geneva will be driven by the wish not only to be the Best in Geneva, but also by the wish to be the Best for Geneva. This program is made possible by a coalition of partners and the support of the state of Geneva.


How to take the Challenge

Step 1.


The Challenge starts with a free, confidential tool that will walk you through a series of questions to help you learn about business practices that are Best for Geneva's workers, community, and environment.

Sample Questions

Step 2.

Get Inspired

The tool will compare your answers to other businesses similar to you and help you gauge where your company already excels and where it can improve.

Sample Report

Step 3.


Join live workshops and networking events hosted by our partners to help you create an improvement plan for your business and put it into action.

Events and Resources

Why Business participates

  • Alban
    My participation is particularly driven by the exchanges that will take place within the program. Read full story (in French)
    Alban Lalou
  • Boris-Infomaniak
    When I'll be retired, I want to be able to tell my children that I have played my role, just like a hummingbird. I'm not an entrepreneur for the money, I take pleasure in being an entrepreneur and I want to make the difference.
    Read full story (in French)
    Boris Siegenthaler
  • Sebastien-Aeschbach
    I view the participation in Best for Geneva as an opportunity to obtain new and inspiring perspectives on our practices.
    Read full story (in French)
    Sébastien Aeschbach
    Chaussures Aeschbach
  • I consider Best for Geneva to be a significant driving force behind sustainable development.
    Read full story (in French)
    Stefano Gubinelli et Antoine Veyrat
    Mango Deck

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